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Ricardo Levins Morales

I am an artist by trade, a healer by temperament and a troublemaker by necessity. My art and my writing both grow out of my relationships with communities and movements in struggle for a more livable world. I also offer support and reflection for organizers and others facing the dilemmas of trying to create a future out of materials from the past.

My art can be viewed and purchased at these web sites:

RLM Art Studio, ( This is my main site which displays my available posters, cards and buttons. The work is intentionally priced so as to be as accessible as possible. Framing and shrink-wrapping options are available.

Ricardo Levins Morales Fine Art site. Hosted by Fine Art America (, on this site you can order many of my works on canvas, metal and other surfaces - and at a variety of sizes.

A Future to Fight For: A Conversation with Frederick Douglass in the Shadow of Trump

In Douglass’ view, the unending deference of northern liberals set the stage for southern ascendancy. Their insatiable eagerness to “reach across the isle” (as we say today) produced a vortex of appeasement, given that the North was always ready to make concessions and the South unwilling to make any. “Under this so called practical wisdom and statesmanship, we have had sixty years of compromising servility on the part of the North to the slave power of the South.”