How It’s Done

Art for Social Justice by Ricardo Levins Morales

First you “stopped and frisked” the young, the dark and the poor, but I know what that’s like and I joined with them in protest.

Then you came after the immigrants but I am an immigrant and I would not step aside.

You came then for the queers and the trannies and the non-conformists but I was onto your game and so I linked my arms right through theirs.

When you came for the teachers I laughed out loud and shouted, “You’re joking, right?”

And then you came for the elders on the res that were defending the water;

The whistleblowers exposing the truth;

For the eco-protestors who blocked your roads of destruction;

For the disabled and injured and poisoned that you want to throw away;

For the workers on whose backs – and necks – your wealth is built;

For all the victims of your wars demanding to live.

You came after all the many targets of your greed wherever they stood up or spoke out.

But their heartbeat is my heartbeat and their song is my song.

All this must have pissed you off pretty badly because now you’re coming after me.

It won’t be easy.

I have lots of friends.

How it's done

(With a shout-out to Pastor Martin Niemoller)

Originally posted to Opine Season on July 24, 2013 


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